Billing & Insurance

Billing & Insurance

Our billing and insurance team members assist the practice in managing claims, appeals, collections, insurance verifications, and provider credentialing.

We are trained to understand the intricacies of CDT codes and monitor claims for errors. Our highly skilled representatives provide training and coaching to front desk teams so they too can be confident and empowered in their roles.

Patients receive excellent communication regarding their bills, understanding their insurance policies and EOBs, and resources for managing their financial obligations to the practice. Ascendent representatives treat every patient with respect and empathy.

Often we hear practices complain of patients not paying at the time of service and being difficult to get a hold of later on for payments. Our team takes that pressure off by handling outstanding balances on the practice’s behalf. Based on the patient’s preferences, we may reach out by mail or electronically with an explanation of their financial obligation along with options of how to get their account in good standing. 

Another common frustration front desk teams face is the daunting task of calling insurance to verify a patient’s benefits. Using our services means that the front desk can reduce – if not fully eliminate – the need to call insurance carriers directly and wait on hold for a representative. We will request and document all the necessary information to verify a patient’s benefits at least 2 days prior to their appointment.