Why Us?

Ascendent Health Partners
provides the expertise to help you excel.

You want a partner with the clinical training and work ethic to complement your skills and spur the growth of your practice. Ascendent Health Partners offers the stability of a side-by-side strategist who is ready to assist with any aspect of your workday. As an independent practice, you’re taking on the rigors of dentistry alongside all the stresses and concerns of running a small business. We are on hand to help oversee everything including clinical training, office management, and patient relations in order to help you accelerate toward your goals.

Grow your practice by establishing exceptional patient relationships.

If you’re looking to earn the patient retention that’s so critical for your practice, Ascendent Health Partners can help you build the confidence and rapport that solidifies your bonds with long-time patients and opens the door for more. Our team has acquired the hard-won experience to understand patient outreach and education, and the best methods for clear communication at every stage of services and treatment.

Optimize your efficiency with streamlined office systems and quality team support.

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Enjoy the freedom of independent ownership with the strategic support of a reliable partnership.

If you’re new to the demands of building and managing your own practice, Ascendent Health Partners equips you with experienced doctors who know just how to advise. We’ll help you avoid common setbacks as you continue to grow your practice and serve your patients.
We are not a DSO, but rather a partner that alleviates the challenges of owning alone, while allowing you to avoid being subsumed by a controlling corporate associateship. When Ascendent Health Partners works with you in a mutually beneficial setup, you enjoy the many advantages of a DSO, without the mandates and quotas imposed by corporate entities.

Level-up your practice with opportunities for education and mentorship.

Our team can connect you with comprehensive clinical training for procedures you or your team may be looking to master. We facilitate an active, hands-on process, cementing the skills that create a greater draw to a wider number of patients. With a support team of associates working in the field, we train and assist with essentials like patient communication and business administration logistics. We want to see you cut down on extraneous office hours and leave more recreational time for yourself and your family.

Ascendent Health Partners serves through ongoing communication, and never makes decisions outside of our mutual agreement. We look forward to working toward shared goals, and finding new opportunities for planning, execution, and support.

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