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Cement your legacy in the community you've served

Ascendent Health Partners was created in order to make spaces for excellent clinicians to take care of people attached to the teeth – and your practice is no different. We understand the time and effort that has gone into building your practice and we want to ensure we protect, and continue your legacy. 

We offer an easy, turnkey solution to not only continue your work, but to expand on it, all while retaining your staff and taking great care of your patients. As part of purchasing your practice we invest in any updates needed to the building and equipment and then strategically inject our core process into your practice to help it run efficiently, while still concentrating on patient care.


Here's what we bring into your practice to ensure a successful transition

Succession Plan

Our team works with you to make sure every detail of the transition aligns with your vision. This includes retaining your team and preserving your legacy.

New Technology

We have built proprietary software that connects your PMS and marketing tools to ensure your patients are properly communicated with.


Our Practice Manager and team of seasoned professionals will work with your team to ensure efficient processes are built to ensure quality care.

Our 120 Day Transition Process

Submit Form --> Introduction

It all starts with you.

When you've decided you are ready to explore options to sell your practice you submit a form (located at the bottom of this page).  Then we schedule a time to meet so we can learn more about each other. Before we meet we will both sign an NDA to ensure our conversation stays confidential.

Due Diligence

Once we've both agreed it can be a good fit we will continue the conversation and start looking into the financials and data of your practice. This will help us get a better understanding of your practice and how we can successfully add it to our family of practices.

The best part of this process is that we do all the chasing. Our team is leads the charge to manage this entire process to alleviate as much work from you as possible. We will ask for, gather and organize all the data needed on your practice.

Offer Is Made

Based on the information gathered from the previous step we will submit a fair value based on market, patient database and financials. Included in this will be a letter of intent which will loosely bind us for 60 days.

Acceptance & Onboarding

If our offer is accepted we will start the onboarding process. This starts by discussing our transition plan which does not includes making team members or patients aware of the sale, while our team setting things up on the back-end. Our goal is to have all the necessary operational processes set up so it can be a seamless transition once we make the switch.

1st Payment & Close Date

As the transition starts to unfold you will receive your first payment of the sale. This will be based on the sale agreement, which is unique for each practice. After payment is made we then agree to a close date for the sale to be finalized.

Flip Date & Training

We make the formal announcement to your team and then your patients. These announcements are custom crafted by our marketing/PR team and made in coordination with you and your exit strategy. Included in this announcement is the flip date and all the other details of the transition.

Once the practice is "flipped" you will stay on (as per our agreement) for a defined timeline to ensure a smooth transition and the long term success of the new practice. During this transition period our Practice Management team will install and configure our technology and train your team on how to best use it. In addition we will also provide enhanced training for other areas of the practice as needed. 

At this time any building/equipment additions or enhancements will also take place. Also included in this are any updates to branding, social media and websites.

On-going Support

Once the practice has fully transitioned the support continues. We will place a qualified and suitable Partner Dentist as the new leader of the practice and engage our back office and marketing teams to ensure continued growth of the practice.   

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